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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. If your question does not appear, you can send an email with the contactform.

Are Axess lifts suitable for wheelchair access?

All lifts from 1000mm width and 1400mm length are officially accessible for wheelchairs in accordance with the Building Decree.

Is a pit and/or roof construction necessary for the Axess lifts?

No, not as in a traditional lift system, where, for example, a pit of at least 1400mm is required; in the case of an Axess Premier of 630kg, for example, a pit of only 50mm is required. This makes a huge difference to the structural modifications which are not required for an Axess lift. There are also a large number of situations in which a pit or roof structure is not even possible or permitted.

Are Axess Lifts safe?

All Axess lifts comply with the Machinery Directive and safety guidelines required for this purpose. Axess also applies a number of additional safety measures such as School Locking, Light curtains and other such measures. The certificates are listed on this website and are issued by the Dutch Lift Institute (Liftinstituut), an authorised body for the inspection of lifts.

What materials are used by Axess?

Axess uses premium materials, such as anodised aluminium for a very lengthy service life.

Do the Axess lifts have a cabin?

Although this type of lift is also called a platform lift, only the Premier is fitted with a platform. The Prestige and Souvereign are both equipped with a cabin.

Can Axess lifts also be operated automatically?

With the Premier model this is not permitted, according to the Machinery Directive; however, the Premier may be called up automatically from the outside. For the Prestige, this is an option, and with the Souvereign, this comes as standard.

Where does Axess purchase its lifts?

Both the Premier, the Prestige and the Souvereign are built and tested by Axess itself in Zaandam after which the lifts are constructed by its own teams. We also carry out the servicing of Axess lifts ourselves.