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Maintenance and Service

You choose the lift you need carefully, but good aftercare and service is also an important factor; Axess understands this and is dedicated to providing just such a service.


Maintenance and safety is paramount

Whether a lift is used often or rarely, regular preventive maintenance is a necessity for the continued operation of the system. For lifts in public or commercial buildings a legally binding maintenance duty applies. Since January 1, 2004, the Health & Safety Organisations have been testing whether a lift system is properly maintained based on the ARBO legislation VGM (Veiligheid, Gezondheid and Milieu) (Safety, Health and Environment). Here, maintenance intervals, inspection tests and the history of the lift are all assessed. Our lifts are not subject to any inspection requirement, allowing you to save a great deal in terms of costs. If you still wish to have the lift inspected by a competent body, we will be happy to work on this, which, of course, will also entail additional costs on our part.


Maintenance and availability

The lift forms an important link in the logistics of a building and the mobility of its users. Therefore, you want the system to have maximum availability and preventive maintenance reduces the risk of undesired malfunctions, also preventing major unexpected repair works.


Maintenance, liability and warranty

Our lift systems comply with very stringent quality and safety requirements which are laid down in the Machinery Directive. Axess guarantees the quality of its products and is liable for their safe operation, provided the installation has been properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to carry out maintenance or other necessary work, or to have it carried out by unqualified third parties may affect the lift’s warranty and may render Axess liable for its safe operation.

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